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Prophet RAEL in support of President Ramaphosa’s policy of land redistribution in South Africa
Четверг 01 Март 2018
Rael in support of Iceland’s circumcision ban
Пятница 09 Февраль 2018
Indian Raelian Movement supports Satyapal Singh’s statement about Darwin’s Theory
Пятница 26 Январь 2018
‘Back to Kama’ organization supports Volunteer Dental Project for 2nd year in a row
Пятница 05 Январь 2018
Sexuality Education Day: Raelians to mobilize on Nov. 20, promoting early sex education to prevent sexual assault and harassment

Понедельник 20 Ноябрь 2017
Raelian Bishops Offer Funeral Services for Those Choosing Assisted Suicide

Вторник 03 Октябрь 2017
Rael Speaks for a Free Catalonia
Понедельник 02 Октябрь 2017
Suspended from Facebook for posted photo of a vegetable, spiritual leader Rael calls for protests against Facebook policy of “western puritanism"
Среда 30 Август 2017
Rael: ‘Let’s force rogue nations like the USA to sign the nuclear ban treaty in October!’
Воскресенье 09 Июль 2017
Rael Awards Honorary Guide Title to Oliver Stone
Четверг 06 Июль 2017
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