Новость: Sexual abuse on children at Mount Cashel Orphanage not recognized as a crime!
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Среда 11 Апрель 2018

Montreal, April 10, 2018— In the case of the Mount Cashel sexual abuse claim against the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation, Justice Alphonsus Faour of the provincial Supreme Court of Newfoundland says, “… Plaintiffs in the case are from an earlier era — long before sexual and physical abuse emerged as a public scandal with criminal convictions and a public enquiry starting in 1989.” “...I do not doubt that the disclosures were made,” Faour wrote, but said, “they must be put in historical context *1.”

Sylvie Elliott, leader of Newfoundland and Labrador Raelian Movement states, “The International Raelian Movement, has repeatedly denounced the Holy See for its policies of denial and obfuscation on this subject, which allowed priests to sexually abuse thousands of children with impunity. In 2002, the Raelian Movement filed an urgent appeal against similar cases, contending that they were both criminal and in violation of human rights laws.”

In an official statement released in 2008 Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement declared: “Children around the world are still being abused by Catholic priests even after years of publicity because no serious measures have been taken to protect them, and thousands of adults are still suffering from the effects of similar incidents that occurred during their childhood.”

Elliott, states, “Even though child abuse was not recognized as a punishable crime in the 1950s, it is still a crime.”

*1 http://www.news957.com/national/2018/03/20/judge-rules-roman-catholic-corporation-not-liable-for-abuse-at-mount-cashe

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