Новость: Raelians to celebrate 45 years of scientific advances as announced by the scientists who created life on Earth
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Воскресенье 28 Октябрь 2018

LAS VEGAS, October 30 – The 45th anniversary of the official encounter with our Creators will be held in Okinawa, Japan in December.

“Three decades ago, scientists were launching the Genome Projects. Two decades ago, they learned how to ‘read’ the human genome, thanks to the Human Genome Project. And just two years ago, scientists officially announced that they wanted to start to ‘write’ new genomes as part of the Genome Project-Write. These remarkable events were all predicted by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, in his book Intelligent Design published in 1974 in which he describes how we will one day create life in the same way that we have been created by scientists coming from another planet,” said Brigitte Boisselier, PhD, spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement.

“This year, on December 13, will be the 45th anniversary of Rael’s encounter with a representative of the scientists who created us, and an opportunity for Raelians from all continents to gather in Okinawa, Japan, and celebrate the scientific advances that increasingly validate the ‘atheist creationist’ theory that we propose.”

“The Genome Project-Write, launched by Jef Boeke of NYU Langone Medical Center and colleagues, was contemporaneous to Craig Venter’s announcement of the completion of an organism with the minimum number of genes necessary to sustain life,” added Boisselier. “With only 473 genes, Venter created an organism able to replicate itself, and even if scientists don’t yet know what all these genes actually do, it is a stepping-stone toward the creation of more elaborate organisms until we reach a point in a not-so-distant future when we will be able to create intelligent beings similar to us,” Boisselier continued.

“This ultimate step in the creation of life can only happen if the public understands that we were once created that way by other scientists who literally created us ‘in their image’,” Dr. Boisselier added.

Boisselier indicated that Raelians around the world will intensify their actions to show how today’s science points to a ‘scientific creationist’ explanation of our origins and how it will be conducive of a bright future with science and consciousness being our guiding forces, as opposed to leaving everything in the hands of ‘chance’ or an ‘imaginary god’.

The Raelian convention for the 45th anniversary of the first encounter will be led by Rael in Okinawa, Japan from December 13-16.

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