Новость: International Paradism Day celebrations on May 1st
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Понедельник 29 Апрель 2019

Las Vegas, May 1st, 2019 – On May 1st, Raelians around the world will join all Paradism lovers to celebrate the 8th International Paradism Day.

Paradism is a new social system described and advocated by Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, who explained for the past 4 decades that the scientific revolution that has brought the greatest liberation in humanity’s history and that will inevitably lead to Paradism has been in progress and is still ongoing.

“New technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, will put an end to the enslavement of human beings through work and money," claimed Jarel, Raelian Guide and spokesperson of the Paradism Movement. “Tomorrow's jobs will be left to the machines and that's a positive shift. A human being should not have to do what a machine can do and that's what Paradism is about—to have machines do the hard work while human beings can enjoy living,” he added.

Jarel explained that the current troubles and foreseeable unrest are expected to worsen, and this is a sign that capitalism and the free market, which cannot equitably distribute the fantastic productivity gains that our technology allows today, are collapsing. "Those who own the machines monopolize wealth while the rest of the population sees its purchasing power and its employment gradually disappear and consequently are unable to compete with the power, expertise, availability and cost of machines getting increasingly smarter. By embracing Paradism, we can build a society without work or money, i.e., a system where human beings are free to do only what they truly enjoy: play, create, meditate, blossom and, of course, make love—free from all judgments and guilt. It is the system of a paradise," Jarel continued.

This society was described to Rael in the set of information that He received from the Elohim, an advanced civilization from space who created life on Earth scientifically.
(see rael.org).

On May 1st, Paradists from all over the world will hold conferences, interviews, demonstrations in the streets as well as online and in-person meetings that will aim at raising the awareness about the need to nationalize the means of production to restore peace and social justice in a society that is fortunately robotizing.

"The nationalization of the means of production will allow the whole community to benefit from the gains of productivity, putting an end to the shocking and rapidly growing wealth inequalities and making a society without work or money possible," explained Jarel.

"When a community owns all the robots that do all the work, there is no need for money since everything can be free. The nationalization is therefore an important part of the solution, but it is never proposed in the protests and the political discourse today because of fear mongering and the 'communist' label attached to it. Communism is about everyone having to work for the benefits of all while Paradism is about everyone enjoying life while the robots work for the benefits of all. This is the difference and why our awareness campaigns are so vital," concluded Jarel.

Rael, in His messages to humanity, makes us aware we are the generation that has the privilege and immense responsibility to make the transition to Paradism and to avoid a collapse that can lead to the destruction of life on Earth. This transition, which is also a true liberation, is our duty and our responsibility for future generations.

The time has come for the great liberation of humanity and for turning this Earth into a paradise!

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