Новость: UFO sightings reported by Navy pilots—a message of peace?
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Среда 29 Май 2019

Las Vegas, May 30th, 2019 – On May 26th, the NY Times published an article entitled: “Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects,” in which pilots from the aircraft carrier Roosevelt reported making repeated observations of strange objects flying over the East Coast that could fly at hypersonic speeds, make swift stops and turns, reach 30,000 feet in altitude, and fly all day long without apparent engine or exhaust plumes. According to them, such technology assembled in one craft simply doesn’t yet exist.

“This report of daily sightings of UFOs by highly trained pilots deserves a larger place in the media run as it is not only a story showing that there were most likely advanced scientists running a show for these pilots, but it would also be another major confirmation of what millions of people around the world have seen and what Rael, founder and leader of the Raelian Movement, has said for more than 40 years,” declared Thomas Kaenzig, Raelian Guide and leader of the US Raelian Movement.

The Raelian philosophy posits that a long time ago advanced scientists from a distant planet—referred to as Elohim in the original Hebrew Bible—created all forms of life on Earth, including human beings “in their image.” These beings have been visiting us throughout our history in spaceships referred to today as UFOs and they have been guiding us by sending Messengers or Prophets. In 1973, they met Rael—their last Messenger—and told him that we had reached a time when we could finally understand our scientific origin and expressed their immense desire to meet officially with representatives of our planet.

“In their message to Rael, these extraterrestrial scientists explained that they would intensify their presence via sightings in order to increase the UFO awareness among the population and facilitate the ongoing efforts promoting an official encounter at an Embassy dedicated to welcoming them officially,” added Kaenzig.

“What matters most in these sightings is not the vehicles they use, but the intelligence inside these vehicles and what they are trying to tell us. The current worldwide focus is on social and political conflicts. Our media do not realize that the intelligence behind these sightings is the solution to all these conflicts. Once people understand and realize that in an infinite Universe there is an infinite number of civilizations and that one of these civilizations created us scientifically with all the different races allowing us to enjoy the paradise that they designed, then borders, conflicts and relentless competition suddenly become meaningless,” Kaenzig said.

“It is interesting to note that the pilots who saw these aircrafts almost daily for several years in a row were later deployed to the Persian Gulf dropping bombs over Syria and Iraq,” said Kaenzig. “Would they have dropped bombs if they had known about these scientists’ intent of trying to bring their message of peace and love and trying to save us from daily bombings? It is our deepest hope that Lt Graves and all the other pilots involved will read the message given to Rael by these advanced scientists so that they can begin to understand why they saw these exceptional aircrafts,” concluded Kaenzig.

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